Pittsford Dry Cleaner Still Here – Free Pick-Up & Delivery

It’s been 19 years and my business, Colosi’s Cleaners is still going strong in Pittsford, NY. You might be wondering why in my posts sometimes that I say, “Pittsford, NY” instead of just Pittsford. It’s for SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. And I also use “14534” in my posts. Same reason. This Internet game is a tough one and you’ve got to keep your website up to date with posting to your blog on a regular basis or you fall off the first page in Google and the other search engines.

So, that’s my little business lesson today. If you’re not a business person, just a little trivia. Anyway, thanks for listening to me from my office in Pittsford, NY in the 14534 zip code.

PS Oh. I forgot to use one of the top three keywords for searching for dry cleaners, which is the words I just used (can use the same keywords close to each other or you get rejected by Google and the others), dry cleaner and dry cleaning.

PSS I’m good to go. Thanks for putting up with me. Recommend your neighbor and get $20 in cash or credit. Thanks.