Donate A Kids Coat

Do You Have A Coat To Donate To A Kid In Need?

Do you have any coats for kids you could donate?

If so, we’ll clean it and get it to a kid in need. We don’t donate to any one charity. We’ll call around or see something in the news or somewhere else and come to the rescue with a coat.

I’m a little unconventional when it comes to charity. I want to actually see my efforts and donations at work. And we’ll keep you updated in this blog of the coat donations and we’ll be a specific as possible to whom gets the coats.

So if you have a coat you’d like to donate, leave it out with your dry cleaning and mark it clearly so that we just don’t clean it and charge you for it.

You donate the kid’s coat. We’ll clean it for FREE and we’ll find a kid and need and give it to him/her.  And if we can get that smile on video, we’ll do it.

Thanks and have a great holiday season,

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