New Updated Website!

FREE Pick-Up, FREE Delivery & $10 Worth Of FREE Dry Cleaning To Try Out My Pittsford, NY Dry Cleaner

My site is just getting a major revamp and I’d like to announce a promotion of giving anyone who wants to try out my dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service $10 dollars in free dry cleaning.

No strings attached. Try me out for a month or so to see if you like me. If you do–continue. If you don’t–kick me to the curb.

Anyway, thanks to all my customers for making my pick-up and delivery service a great success!! Thanks Fairport, Victor, Pittsford, Brighton, Webster and Penfield NY.

3 thoughts on “New Updated Website!

  1. I only needed to know if you provide an eBook or something like that. Additionally do you have an RSS Feed? I need to subscribe to it so I can keep on receiving fresh information. Again thank you so much for providing this information. Keep up the good work!

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